This Seminar was born in Italy in 2008, as idea of Mr Francesco Meduri - who had previously worked in GE Oil & Gas - considered such event as an opportunity to enhance EHS culture & awareness in the Wind Industry. Year by Year the event is getting increased exposure and interest, becoming an important reference for the Italian Wind Industry.

Since 2009 the event is sponsored by INAIL (Italian Workers' Compensation Authority) and ANEV (Italian Wind Association).
The Seminar touched different locations and upon invitation of Anev, the 2012 edition landed in Rome as one of the event of 2012 World Wind Day program.

Thanks to the success of the initiative, in 2013 was planned to duplicate the event, and hold also in France. The second French edition organized in partnership with FEE (France Energie Eolienne) will happen in Paris next 12 June 2014 and will see the participation of some important Institutional and Wind Industry players.